This site has moved! You can now find me at!!

This page will remain up, but won't be updated.

i'm foxbite!

hey! welcome to my site! i'm fox, and i'm a queer 2d/3d artist, animator, and programmer, and i'm in my early twenties. i enjoy creating things. please explore this site! it changes very often.

update log

10/11/2022 - hooopefully the last time i redo my homepage. we'll see though

10/6/2022 - added a sticker sheet page! i'll be adding more stickers soon :)

10/01/2022 - page for my fav characters exists! still need to actually add text though :P

09/29/2022 - my gallery now has some tag filtering!

09/12/2022 - added a dragoncave section to my about page!

9/05/2022 - added more of my art to the gallery page!

9/02/2022 - working on redoing my entire site.... again

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