about me


i'm fox! i'm an aromantic queer creator and software developer [ yip/yips or he/they, please ] i enjoy creating things, especially when they can be used and enjoyed by other people. [ or even to help other people! ]

i'm just some guy online who enjoys making art & talking about my interests & talking about my pets!

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my interests include: drawing, programming, bookbinding, archery, horses, minecraft, mcyt, thinking about my characters, 3d modelling, conlanging, fandom history,

im knowledgeable in: video editing [ premiere pro, blender ], programming languages [ python, java, c#, css, html ], game developement [ unity, godot ], 3d software

GAMES: minecraft, red dead redemption 2, zoo tycoon 2, wobble dogs, stardew valley, phasmophobia, raft, ark: survival evolved

MEDIA: mcyt [ dream smp, empires smp, origins smp, mianite, etc ], jurassic park, supernatural, what we do in the shadows, star trek, the good place, witcher, santa clarita diet, ragnarok, the magnus archives,

drawing of a fox

Check out my blog!

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this user loves cats and finds comfort in them this user loves geminitay this user misses technoblade but knows he will never truly die this user [static noise] this user loves being aromantic this user loves ao3 this user is a silly little guy this user is sleepy this user loves neon colors this user has a hard time talking about their feelings this user's webspace is a pvp enabled zone this user is tired and sleep can't fix it this user will remain nothing but a mystery this user loves dinosaurs this user loves autumn this user gets bored easily oh no: this user has way too many userboxes this user is a mad scientist due to personal reasons this user will be yeeting themselves into the void this user talks to themself this user is already excited for halloween
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install gender malware my streamer is #2121 disabled my streamer is #776 techno neva dies transgender fundy emerald duo my beloved wilbur soot scutes
i love sparkledogs no signal supernatural sylveon fox lover equilizer pacman