fundy is my top favorite!!! both the character on dsmp & fundy as a youtuber :3 i looooove fundy lore so much!!! he's going to gt his own page ... eventually. once i have a design idea. (currently thinking of making it themed like an old tv or nintendo game. we'll see!)

i'm also the only person who's correct about his character and story arc. i'm the kind of person who can't stand seeing other people's opinions on my favorite characters because i'm the only one who gets them.


fwhip's one of my favorites from empires (both s1 and s2) :) love wither rose alliance and i also love his season two guy!!


GEM!!! i have an entire page dedicated to her here!

her empires (season 1) character is my fav character of hers :) love wither rose alliance so much!! shes also just deer or dragon to me


fyreuk (as a collective group) has been my favorite on mianite since, well, idk when. love them though!! love the wizards sm!!!

usually i draw them as either dragons, or, as shown in the curren image on the left, lil animals (a cat (phil), an axolotl (ifirez), and a bunny(tom)). wag (cringe fail wizard) doesn't get an animal form ^-^ he's just half-dragon